It's A Wonderful Life!

It’s A Wonderful Life, the quintessential Christmas movie classic, returns to the Mayfair for a pair of family matinee screenings on Saturday December 20th and Sunday December 21st.
Even if you’ve seen it two dozen times on teevee, nothing beats seeing it on the big screen at the Mayfair a few days before Christmas.

Hi there! Sorry if this is not the platform to pose this question but I was wondering if you knew the showtimes for this event yet?

Reply · September 24, 2023

Re-read the passage and discovered the answer to my last question. My apologies!

Though I do have a follow up question – december 20th and 21st are actually a wednesday and thursday. Possible to confirm these dates?

Reply · September 24, 2023


You are looking at a post from 2014.
It is screening on Monday December 11th in 2017 though 🙂

Reply · September 24, 2023

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