16 Projects from 11 filmmakers! Ranging from under 60 seconds in length to a whopping 22 minutes! Featuring local Ottawa talent, & shorts from the far off lands of Calgary and Montreal! Vampires, Zombies, Aliens, Torture, Elvis, Puppets, Cartoons!!

(listed alphabetically by director…)

Massacrator – Pierre Ayotte

You & Your Friends – Jeff Campbell

Fallacy of Man, Saturday Morning Cartoons – Chris Chitaroni

Hostile Entities, Revival, Hel-Away – Matt Fincer / Creepy Puppet Projects

Snare Off (music video by The Love Machine) – Luca Fiore

Ronald, One Percent – Michael Anthony Horrigan

Legend of the Bonesetter – Brett Kelly

Alex Vampire Hunter – Al Kratina

The Morning After of the Living Dead – Josh Stafford

Ghost Town, Bleed On – (music video by Liminal State) – Kyle Thomas

Dead Pussy – Steve Villeneuve

Friday – December 18th – 9:15PM
One night only!
Only at the Mayfair!

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