Mayfair Seat Immortalization!

As of this moment we’ve sold off an amazing 91 of 319 seats via our indiegogo campaign, to be immortalized with a patron’s name (or a business name…or Chewbacca’s name).

The seat-claiming will indeed remain on sale after the fundraiser concludes on December 2nd. Monies raised from the ongoing seat sales will go towards stuff like fixing up the candy bar, washroom touch-up’s, other fun exciting Mayfair needs.

We will continue to have an ongoing and updated as sales happen seating chart, and you’ll be able to request your seat via online or in person at the theatre.

Thanx for your continued seat claiming interest!

I understand you still have seats for sale. How does it work? Back-center aisle still available?

Reply · September 22, 2023


They are!
Only seats left in the centre, main level or balcony, are a seat in the front row and a seat in the second row.
Still a number of seats left, but they are going fast.
You can check the contact section of the Mayfair website for more info, and email me at [email protected] to place your order.

Reply · September 22, 2023

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