Mayfair Theatre Podcast 128: Friends With Everybody!

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This week, Josh is joined by a pair of special guests, April and Natalie from Rideau Valley Roller Derby! They chat about horrible people using cell phones during movies, giant monsters, Kabuki, LCD Soundsystem, John Woo, nostalgic tv commercials, and a plan to reboot The Flop House podcast as The House Flop.

There wasn’t confirmation on the schedule for the week of August 11th yet, but they still discuss upcoming movies Landline, The Room, the Giallo Fest, and the Stray Cat Rock Fest. Plus, this is being posted a few days earlier than normal to remind everyone to catch Hard Boiled on 35mm this week!

Corrections Department – the five Stray Cat Rock movies came between May 1970 and January 1971…a much shorter time frame than thought!

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