Mayfair Theatre Podcast 144: This Is A Really Strange World

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This week, Lee and Josh are joined by extra special Friend-of-Mayfair guest, Greg Sestero!

Greg is in town in celebration of our 99th consecutive month screening The Room, and our sneak preview North American premiere of his new film, Best F(r)iends. We chat about The Disaster Artist book and movie, Greg’s insane travel schedule, being an extra in movies like Patch Adams and Gattaca, how Back to the Future II and III influenced his latest work, James Franco winning awards, our delicious popcorn, and other delicacies to eat while visiting Ottawa.

They run out of time, but briefly mention movies screening December 1 – 7, 2017: The Florida Project, Wonderstruck, Faces Places, The Square, Blade of the Immortal, Polar Express, and Last Waltz (forgot to mention that one). And, of course, encore screenings of Best F(r)iends, and The Room 100!

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