Mayfair Theatre Podcast 469: Don’t Do This, Tony!

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This week, Eric and Josh are joined by Mayfair co-owner Ian, to discuss our world premiere screening of the movie that he wrote called The Path Of Totality!

They also chat about: social media stress, Frogman, John Carpenter, Anaconda, Rialto Pictures, Canadian content, Moonstruck, The Believers, The Thomas Crown Affair, Baywatch Nights, Kolchak, Solar Babies, Gordon Lightfoot, and more!

Plus, they mention the movies screening the week of Friday March 1 – Thursday March 7: The Zone Of Interest, Drugstore June, the 2024 New York Cat Film Fest, The Fog, and The Path Of Totality!

(They neglect to mention The Teachers’ Lounge, which got booked in the 11th hour, after the podcast recorded. You can find info on all the movies at

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