Boat People: A 50 Year Journey

Boat People: A 50 Year Journey -Screening on Sunday March 24 at 2:30pm

50 years, a short period in the history of a nation, yet long for a lifetime. 50 years ago, the entire territory of Vietnam fell under the rule of the Communists. And since then, millions of Vietnamese people have left their homeland, beginning with the arduous and perilous wave of boat people, a movement that shook the world’s conscience in the 1970s, 80s, and 90s.

The Vietnamese Refugees of the past and their relatives have built strong Vietnamese Communities worldwide. Is the past of the Refugees now forgotten, or does it still deeply resonate within them? The second, third, and subsequent generations of Vietnamese Refugees have made significant contributions to the societies where they live. How many in the current and future generations truly understand why they live in a free and democratic society and genuinely appreciate the price their forefathers had to pay?

“Boat People: A 50-Year Journey” – a 90-minute documentary film by Thanh Tâm, produced by Ethnic Channels Group and Lunar Village Production, and received partial funding from the Canadian government (Canada Media Fund) – captures real stories, from the very witnesses who lived among the Vietnamese Refugees. The poignant stories recounted in “Boat People: A 50-Year Journey” partly reflect the cruelty of Vietnamese society since 1975 and the suffering that Vietnamese Refugees have endured. This tragic past enables overseas Vietnamese to appreciate more clearly how fortunate they have been. Moreover, the success stories depicted in “Boat People: A 50-Year Journey” demonstrate that in a just and equitable society, Vietnamese people can achieve admirable success. “Boat People: A 50-Year Journey” hopes to help future generations, as well as mainstream citizens, better understand Vietnamese Refugees.

The real stories from this historical period are blood lessons for all of us, Vietnamese people concerned about the future destiny of the nation. The sacrifices of those who risked everything in search of freedom must be remembered. These sorrows must not be repeated in the future, and their causes must be permanently eradicated.

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