Caligula: The Ultimate Cut

Absolute Power Corrupts.

Caligula: The Ultimate Cut – Ottawa Premiere of the 4K re-cut re-release of the 1979 cult classic masterpiece, the week of August 16!

Advance ticket info coming soon for Caligula: The Ultimate Cut!

Follows Caligula as he kills his devious adoptive grandfather and takes control of the decadent Roman Empire, spiralling into depravity, devastation, and madness.

45 years after its original release, a completely new cut of the shocking cult classic Caligula, featuring an unprecedented amount of never-before-seen footage emerges. One of the biggest scandals in cinema history, the notoriously decadent Ancient Rome epic is finally presented in the manner it was always intended to be seen.

5 Stars! “A surprisingly spellbinding reimagining of one of cinema’s most infamous disasters, Caligula: The Ultimate Cut is a stunning achievement…Caligula: The Ultimate Cut is a clear labor of love crafted with passion and painstaking care that attempts to right the wrongs of cinema‚Äôs past” (Morbidly Beautiful)

“a unique piece of cinema history” (Drafthouse Films)

*Please take note that doors open 30 minutes before showtimes. We encourage people to arrive early. We have a small box office, a small candy bar, and a single-screen cinema, meaning that when most of an audience shows up a few minutes before showtime, it causes a bottleneck. If possible, we appreciate you arriving a little bit early to pick out your seat and get your popcorn. Thanks for your help!

Caligula: The Ultimate Cut reimagines the controversial 1979 film with a focus on historical accuracy and narrative coherence, stripping away much of the original's graphic content to highlight the dramatic essence of Rome's infamous emperor. This version, featuring enhanced digital restoration and a nuanced portrayal by Malcolm McDowell, emphasizes psychological depth and historical context over explicit scenes, making it more accessible while preserving the grandeur of the original's sets and costumes. The Ultimate Cut offers a refined, definitive interpretation of Tinto Brass's ambitious vision, balancing the spectacle of Imperial Rome with the dark personal saga of Caligula.
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