Carol Doda Topless At The Condor

Every city has a history. San Francisco has a legend.

Carol Doda Topless At The Condor – Ottawa Premiere screenings on April 5, 7-11!

Advance tickets now available for Carol Doda Topless At The Condor!

A documentary set in San Francisco in 1964 when Carol Doda became the first dancer to go topless and in the process, became a tourist attraction second only to the Golden Gate Bridge.

“a San Francisco legend, a game changer, a lightning rod…[a] fascinating documentary” (Mill Valley Film Festival)

“American showbiz would not be the same again…engaging doc…a nostalgia trip…an affectionate portrait of a troubled but resilient performer” (Vancouver International Film Festival)

“vibrant, sometimes outrageous and always entertaining” (Live For Film)

*Please take note that doors open 30 minutes before showtimes. We encourage people to arrive early. We have a small box office, a small candy bar, and a single-screen cinema, meaning that when most of an audience shows up a few minutes before showtime, it causes a bottleneck. If possible, we appreciate you arriving a little bit early to pick out your seat and get your popcorn. Thanks for your help!

On a fateful San Francisco night in the early 60s, Condor nightclub performer Carol Doda was lowered to the stage on a floating piano, topless. Word spread quickly, setting off a wave of controversy and delight, with raids soon to follow. There was even a trial for the new celebrity. Doda’s dry wit and charisma made her an instant sensation of the night club scene: an empowered woman in full control. Or so it seemed.
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