L’aurore du tréfonds: La naissance spirituelle de Swamiji

The First in Ottawa of the documentary film, The Dawn of the Deep. The spiritual birth of Swamiji .
This documentary film presents an awakening to the Real, inspired by the life of the Benedictine monk Henri Le Saux (1910-1973). After 20 years in a monastery in Brittany, the latter goes to India to implant the best of the monastic life. To do this, he decides to let himself be touched by the spiritual heart of the country. Thus, he meets Ramana Maharshi, one of the greatest sages of his time, at the foot of the sacred mountain of Arunachala. The impact is such that the plans of Dom Le Saux are upset for ever. At the heart of the mysterious presence of the mountain and his sage begins an inner adventure that opens the way to his spiritual rebirth.
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