Looking For Infinity: El Camino

Ottawa Premiere on Friday March 17th!

An immersive voyage along the ancient pilgrimage El Camino De Santiago. An emotionally driven documentary chronicling a group of people all at turning points in their lives, relatable to anyone searching for their own path. For all of those who are curious but haven’t yet lived it, it offers an insight into what might otherwise seem an insurmountable challenge, and perhaps the inspiration to embark on the journey themselves.

Each screening will be feature a Q&A with The Canadian Company of Pilgrims (CCoP) after the film.
 The Canadian Company of Pilgrims (CCoP) is a non-denominational volunteer-run association that supports Canadians planning the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, Spain. We share the Canadian representation with l’Association Québécoise des pèlerins et amis du Chemin de Saint-Jacques (www.duquebecacompostelle.org).
The CCoP provides information and generates awareness and interest in the Camino through a network of chapters across Canada and also through its website (www.santiago.ca) and Facebook page. Local Chapters provide a forum for the exchange of information about the Camino and also offer practical training and information sessions.
Austin Cooke established the Ottawa chapter of the CCoP in 2006 and served as national president for a number of years.   He has walked different Caminos into Santiago nine times. Adrian Camfield is a veteran pilgrim and former member of the CCoP national executive.
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