Moby Doc

Moby Doc – a Stay At Home Virtual Cinema Special Event in support of the Mayfair Theatre!

Click over to rent Moby Doc starting on Tuesday June 22nd!

A surrealist biographical documentary about trailblazing electronic musician and animal rights activist Moby.

“Through interviews with David Lynch and David Bowie, along with extraordinary concert footage, and a unique blend of re-enactments and archives, Moby takes you along his unlikely road to fame as he sets out to answer existential questions of purpose and meaning, joy, tragedy, success and failure.” (Hot Docs)

3.5 / 4 Stars! “With its surrealist tones, striking visuals, and self-referential asides, director Rob Gordon Bralver establishes a delicate balance between the playful and the tragic that’s constantly alive and surprising…as a whole breathes thrilling new life into a safe and conventional genre.” (

“more personal and daring than the typical music documentary” (Los Angeles Times)

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