The Story of a Three-Day Pass

The love story of an ordinary guy and a ordinary girl

The Story Of A Three Day Pass – a Stay At Home Virtual Cinema Special Event in support of the Mayfair Theatre!

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A black American soldier is given three days leave in Paris. Not knowing what to do with himself, he goes to a nightclub where he meets a French girl. Their romance blossoms; he rents a hotel room and she calls in sick to work. But, their love affair is darkened by his impending departure and the specter of racial prejudice.
The 1968 feature directorial debut from Emmy Awards, Image Awards, and Gotham Awards winner Melvin Van Peebles!

“A new wave classic and one of the great American films of the era” (The New Yorker)

“A movie milestone…brimming with humor and warmth and bittersweet truth.” (New York Magazine)

“A unique example of filmmaking from the Black diaspora, with a particular, even fragile viewpoint and artistry…Stands on its merits as an excellent film” (4Columns)

A black American soldier is demoted for fraternizing with a white girl in France.
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