Name-Plate Fundraiser Update!!

Our patrons have been incredible during this lockdown that we find ourselves in.

What started as an idea to mark off a few seats as a bit of a fundraiser, quickly found all the seats in the cinema snatched up.  So, we have some more ideas.

If you are a Mayfair fan, but are understandably doing your best to save money at the moment, please don’t worry about us. Just look forward to visiting the cinema to watch a movie and eat some popcorn when we are through this.

If you would like to make a donation to immortalize your name on something in the cinema, and missed out on seats, please check out some much requested options below.

Requests can be made to [email protected], and donations can be E-transferred to [email protected] as well


Add-a-Name Plaque 1 – $150 (number of names per plaque to be determined)

Add-a-Name Plaque 2

(plans to add Plaques 3 and 4 if need be)

Couch 1 – 4 – $450 each

Easy Chair 1 and 2 – $250 each

35mm Projector 1 and 2 – $500 each

Digital Projector – $400

Projection Booth Secret Seat 1 – $250

Sound Amplifier – $200

35mm Tower Reel – $200

Emergency Exits 1 – 4 – $150 each

Clock – $300

Piano – $500

Men’s Bathroom Stall – $150

Urinals 1 and 2 – $150 

Women’s Bathroom Stall 1 – 3 – $150 each

Popcorn Machine – $300

Cash registers – $100 each

We hope to have the name-plates all installed by the time we re-open, stay tuned for confirmation on that. Thanks again, the constant encouragement from all of our patrons never ceases to amaze.

Please click on over to, or check in on our social media pages for updates on sales.

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