Old seats. New home.

Remember back in December of ’08 when we tore all the old seats out of the Mayfair and put in the brand new (to us) seats we have today? We sold nearly all of the original seats, and here’s where a few of them ended up:

Nov 18 theater 001

Nov 18 theater 003

These photos showed up, along with a nice email from the seats’ new owners:
Last year when the Mayfair sold off their old seating, we bought some for our home theater.
When we said what we wanted it for, we were asked to send you some pictures once we had completed it so that you could see the old seat in their new location…  So here are some pictures.
Louise and Don

Of course, home theatres are no substitute for the real thing, but we’re glad that our old seats found such a cinemaphilic new home.

Does anyone else out there have photos of old Mayfair seats in their new locales? If so, send them in, and we’ll share them with the whole Mayfair community!


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