Ottawa Songwriters Uplifting the Mayfair fundraiser event!

A fine group of loyal and generous Mayfair patrons have banded together as the Ottawa Songwriters Uplifting the Mayfair to organize and host a fundraiser event this weekend.

On Saturday, May 15th at 7:00pm and Sunday, May 16th at 2:00pm you can catch a pair of online virtual concert events!

A whole bunch of information about the event is listed via their press release below.

The Mayfair is just along for the ride for this fundraising event, and thankful to all the nice folks organizing it.
If you’d like more info on the event, please feel free to contact Chris White – [email protected]


Save The Mayfair Concerts: Saturday May 15th and Sunday May 16th

* 2 concerts: Saturday May 15th at 7:00pm and Sunday May 16th at 2:00pm
* Over 20 musicians performing live
* Attend on Zoom (‘pay-what-you-can’) or on YouTube (free with option to donate)
* Online auction
* ‘Film Clips and Quips’ with Mayfair programmer Lee Demarbre
* Audience games
* Demonstration of musicians perform together live from three different cities Syncspace
* ‘Meet-and-greet’ sessions
* Event information on Facebook
* Event hashtag: #savethemayfair

A. Purchase Zoom tickets on Eventbrite
B. Watch the concerts on YouTube: To be announced at #savethemayfair
C. Participate in the Online Auction
D. Support the fundraising campaign on GoFundMe
E. View and share the Facebook event page
F: Event hashtag: #savethemayfair

On Saturday, May 15th at 7:00pm and Sunday May 16th at 2:00pm, a posse of awesome Ottawa musicians are joining forces to present two concerts to help Ottawa’s beloved Mayfair Theatre pay the rent during these challenging times.

The lineup of participating musicians includes Catriona Sturton, Tony Turner, Karen Oxorn, John Carroll, Danielle Allard, John Allaire, Diane Nalini, Ray Harris, Jack Pine, Arthur McGregor, Christine Graves, Don Bray, Chris MacLean, Pat Moore, Shawn Tavenier and Greg Kelly… plus more performers to be announced! The concerts will be hosted by Chris White and friends.

There are two ways to attend the concerts:

Option A.
Attend on Zoom: To purchase a ‘pay-what-you-can’ ticket to attend the concerts on Zoom, go to Eventbrite.
The suggested ticket price is $15, but feel free to pay less – or more – as your situation allows.

Option B.
Attend on YouTube: The concerts will be streamed for free to YouTube, where a ‘Donate’ button will be available. The YouTube link will be posted soon!

Special features associated with these concerts include:

(1) An online auction featuring one-of-a-kind items. The auction will be launched on Thursday, May 13 at 5:00 pm Eastern at this link:

(2) ‘Film Clips and Quips’ segments with Mayfair programmer Lee Demarbre

(3) Interactive audience games

(4) A demonstration of Syncspace, Adrian Cho’s platform that lets musicians rehearse and perform together live from different locations — in this case, from three different cities! (Sunday afternoon at 2:00pm)

(5) Pre- and post-concert ‘meet-and-greet’ sessions (for Zoom ticket holders). Opportunities to ‘meet-and-greet’ the musicians before and after the concert are included with your Zoom ticket. The pre-concert ‘meet-and-greet’ sessions will begin 20 minutes prior to each concert.

In addition to contributing by attending the concerts and bidding in the silent auction, people are invited to contribute to the ‘Save The Mayfair’ GoFundMe campaign

This event was produced by Folkzone, Greg Kelly and Ottawa Songwriters with the assistance of an amazing group of Mayfair-loving individuals. Fir more information, please contact Chris White – [email protected]


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