Posters for Sale!

A silver lining of being in lockdown is that we’ve been able to get a lot of cleaning up done around the cinema. A giant chore taken care of was alphabetizing and logging our poster archives. Now that that task is out of the way, we’ve unearthed hundreds of posters (over 600 at the moment) that we are not in need of. There’s a mix of doubles, movies that won’t screen again, and posters for festivals. There’s also a batch of mini-posters and lobby cards that have specific times and dates on them, and hence can’t really be used again.

When we’re back from lockdown, you’ll find a bunch of these posters on display in the cinema, to the left of the top of the stairs when facing the screen.

Once we sell off some of these posters, we might have room to put some other titles up for sale.

Regular movie posters and mini-posters are $10, festival posters and lobby cards are $20.
Movie posters are approx 27 x 40, mini-posters 11 x 18, and lobby cards 8 x 10 (though there are variations bigger and smaller).

List of posters available for sale. Please contact [email protected] to place your order –

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