The cinema of Andy Sidaris


Since Hard Ticket to Hawaii was such a success last month and audience members showed a real curiosity towards more films by late filmmaker Andy Sidaris, the Mayfair is presenting another one of his 1980s masterworks, the tantalizingly titled “Picasso Trigger” a sexy art heist/spy thriller set in Paris, Texas, Hawaii and Las Vegas. The film is summarized quite beautifully on

“With a flourish, Salazar bestows upon the city of Paris a priceless artwork: the Picasso Trigger. Then he steps outside… and is wasted by a sniper’s bullet. But wait; a more subtle art has just been unveiled, an insidious work in progress. Salazar is a master of deception. And the assassination is a ruse that sets in motion his masterpiece: a scheme to blast his enemies to kingdom come while he lies low.”

If that doesn’t excite you enough, then check out the trailer which displays beautiful babes (thank you Playboy Mansion) exotic scenery, state of the art weaponry (check out a bomb attached to a boomerang!), explosions and the best actors soap operas can provide.

Picasso Trigger trailer

Friday April 23 at Midnight

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