The End of Kids Club

It’s with a heavy cinema geek heart that we announce the cancellation of our Kids Club program. The harsh reality is that despite best of efforts, and seemingly high enthusiasm from our patron base, the program never managed to get off the ground. Any other business with more logic based over love-of-the-game decision making skills would have cancelled the series long ago. We kept giving the concept one more chance, but it never garnered an audience of more than a handful of people. We are proud to have hosted some great modern classics like The Dark Crystal, Superman, and The Iron Giant, and are thankful to those who came out to catch some of these rarities on our screen.

Fret not, we will still have kids themed programming of new films whenever they are made available to us. Last year we screened new family films the like of Despicable Me 3, Captain Underpants, Nut Job 2, Smurfs, My Little Pony, Lego Batman, Sing, and Moana. We will also continue to host our popular quarterly presentation of the Saturday Morning All-You-Can-Eat-Cereal Cartoon party. And, I’m sure that the occasional retro kids movie will pop up on occasion around anniversaries or holidays.

For those with a still valid Kids Club membership, please feel free to swap in your card for a free kids ticket and kids popcorn on your next visit.

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