The Godfather of Parliament

ildivoposter3The Ottawa Sun says, “Il Divo is fast, frantic and often funny, beautifully photographed and held together with an endlessly provocative soundtrack.”

The Ottawa Citizen praises Il Divo for “dazzling cinematography and Sorrentino’s impeccable editing, not to mention a blood-pumping soundtrack… [and] the brilliant performance by Toni Servillo.”

The Ottawa XPress calls Il Divo “a bold, visual feast.”

The New Yorker gave it plenty of love, too, noting “beneath the dark surface of caricature lies a heightened and vivifying truth, as potent as fortified wine. Consume with great caution, and with joy.”

I’ve had my eye on this film – a stunning murder-and-mayhem-filled biopic of seven-time Italian Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti – since I first ran across the stunning trailer online months ago. It has been compared to The Godfather, not only because of its subject matter, but because it’s invigorating, thrilling cinema. But don’t take my word for it. Here’s the trailer. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself thinking of Run Lola Run as much as Coppola.

Il Divo plays Oct 2-4 & 7, only at the Mayfair, Ottawa’s home of stuff you won’t see anywhere else.

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