The word on the street

We had sellout crowds for our presentations of Night of the Living Dead Live this past weekend.

We also had some people show up who weren’t there for the show. They were there for the audience. Or more precisely, to save the audience members’ souls.

Paul Latour: purification, not punctuation

Paul Latour: purification, not punctuation

In the words of self-identified “street evangelist” Paul Latour:

“Saturday night’s “cult classic” horror film at the Mayfair Theatre was ‘Night of the Living Dead’, produced in 1968. Murder, gore, bloodshed and cannibalism only begins to describe the kind of “entertainment” that was being offered. And, of course, people are still lining up to pay and view horrific merriment on the screen.

Kim and I thought this would be a good opportunity to preach the gospel to an organic congregation and hand out some tracts. It was an opportunity to tell people the truth as to what happens after people die and what Jesus did so that they may be granted eternal life in Heaven.”

You can read his entire post about the night and see a video of him in action in front of the theatre on his blog.

PS: the Mayfair’s manager, Mike Dubue, was originally a bit perturbed by the whole thing, but he’s calmed down considerably since. He and Paul may very well team up to form a Christian rock band in the near future. Stay tuned.

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