This one's for the birds…


Get ready for another cinematic trip into Ed Wood/Tommy Wiseau territory. Birdemic: Shock and Terror (playing May 28 and 29) is a “romantic thriller” about what happens when a software salesman and his fashion model girlfriend find themselves trying to survive an attack of killer birds. Yes, think Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds crossed with The Room.

The film is the work of one James Nguyen, an upstart independent filmmaker who produced Birdemic for $10,000. After the film was rejected by the Sundance Film Festival, Nguyen traveled there anyway to stage a grassroots promotional campaign, which included driving in a van adorned with stuffed birds and banners promoting the film’s website ( This seems to have paid off, as cult DVD label Severin Films picked the movie up for distribution. Word of mouth from fans of bad cinema will inevitably follow.

By the looks of the trailer, the film promises seriously awkward performances, bad dialogue and laughably horrendous CGI birds. Check out the trailer plus a TV interview with the director below and you’ll wonder, who will survive?

birdemic director interview

Friday May 28 at 9:30pm
Saturday May 29 at 9:45pm

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