Tonight terror is on the menu!


Low budget indie horror has a long and storied history in film. There are endless examples, some of them successful, some of them legendary.

Whether it’s Roger Corman or Lloyd Kaufman.
Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Halloween.
Blair Witch Project or Paranormal Activities.

Ottawa as a city itself has quite the tradition in the past few years of indie horror offerings from local filmmakers. The latest will premiere at the Mayfair this Friday night (appropriately enough…the 13th). Brian Singleton (‘Forest of the Dead’) returns to the genre with ‘Werewolf Fever’.

A delivery driver for the Kingburger Drive-In is attacked by a vicious creature along a deserted road. Monstrously transformed, he descends upon the Kingburger, forcing his co-workers into a bloody battle for survival against their former friend…now, a Werewolf!


“It’s babes, brawn and burgers versus fur, fangs and fury in this gory, action-packed monster thriller!”

Old fashioned horror movie fun this Friday the 13th at 11PM.
Filmmakers, cast and crew in attendance.

For more information check out: and Werewolf Fever on Facebook.

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