VJ on Q

On yesterday’s episode of Q, guest host Kevin Sylvester interviewed director Anders Ostergaard about his new documentary about the 2007 Safron Revolution, Burma VJ (which, not coincidentally, begins its Ottawa premiere engagement tonight at the Mayfair).

The interview also included, by telephone, one of the VJs (video journalists) who shot the footage. He goes by the name “Joshua” to protect his identity, because in Burma, the kind of journalism he does can get you life in prison – if you’re lucky.


You can listen to the podcast of the episode here. Or download it here.

You can read the Ottawa Sun review here.

And while the Ottawa Citizen review isn’t online, you can read it in print (remember print?) anywhere newspapers are sold.

Also worth noting: this is not often the case, but our Ottawa premiere engagement starts on the same day as Toronto’s. Often, smaller markets like Ottawa have to wait until a film has run in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, at least. But not this time. This time Ottawa – or at least the portion of Ottawa that comes to the Mayfair – is at the front of the line.  Talk about world class.


Edit: Bonus question: what’s your favourite documentary of all time and/or what you consider the best documentary of all time?

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