We're Getting New Seats!

The Mayfair Theatre – Ottawa’s oldest surviving movie theatre, and its last remaining cinema built before the Second World War – is getting new seats.

Which means the old seats have to go somewhere. Which means you can buy them for $10 a pop.

Our Seat-Sale is continuing today…we sold about 150 yesterday so there’s still plenty left if you want to own your own piece of the Mayfair…that you can sit on…

For more information, or to reserve seats, please email [email protected] or call 613-730-6552.

If you want to see the seats in person, drop by the Mayfair Theatre, 1074 Bank St. (at Sunnyside) today (Sunday December 7th) anytime after 2pm…you can stop by the theatre in the afternoons during the week as well if you want to stop by then…

We recommend buying them in sets of two or three, because each set of two shares an armrest.

Use them as occasional seating, conversation pieces, seating for your home theatre (or local theatre group, or lobby, or balcony. It’s up to you.)

We’re unbolting them, but you’re responsible transporting them to their new home.

Gordon Neufeld

great news about the new seats. The old lumpy seats made for viewing agony. Are the replacement seats news or have they been recovered from another theater?

Reply · September 21, 2019

frank wilson

How does the admission charge work? Is it similar to the way the old system worked? I know that it is $10.00, but what does that get you? Your answers would be much appreciated.

Thanks, a long time member of the Mayfair

Reply · September 21, 2019

Paul Gordon

Hi Frank,

With the $10.00 membership you can get into the theatre for $5.00 rather then $9.00. We also have events for members only, like the screening of Vigilnate which is free for members.

Reply · September 21, 2019

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