What do movies look like in other countries?

At the end of August (and early in September), we’re showing one of my favourite films of all time, Sorcerer. We’re also showing one of my favourite Woody Allen films, The Purple Rose of Cairo.

Both were big international hits, and as movies open in different countries around the world, they need new ad campaigns to appeal to the different cultures and sensibilities. Which is why, in America, the posters for Sorcerer and The Purple Rose of Cairo look like this:

sorcerer-poster-dvd-roy-sheider-william-friedkin-c1 purple_rose_of_cairo_1985_poster

And in Poland they look like this:

1892 4060

Both the above come from one of my favourite time-wasting sites, Polishposter.com. You can spend hours scrolling through their inventory of 3000+  posters, both new and old. Start with a search on your favourite director or star and go from there. Guaranteed eye-opening.


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