More Matinees!

The next great Mayfair programming experiment begins in March with weekday Matinees! Throughout March afternoons we’ll have a number of films that might have just won Oscars, and we’ll have kid friendly offerings over March break and on the weekends. The perfect place for you to hide out

Monday January 31 – Thursday February 3!

We return with a short week of screenings, bringing back four movies that you may have missed when we went back into lockdown. -Délicieux- “wonderfully satisfying to watch…It is such a glorious premise for a film…Délicieux is a warm, hugely enjoyable confection indeed.” (Fiction Machine) -The Novice- Ottawa Premiere! Tribeca

Mistah Curtis-he dead.

I recently watched Trapeze on TCM (really the only place on TV to watch movies – proper aspect ratio, no commercials or editing — but I digress.). I started watching for Burt Lancaster, but as it went on, I enjoyed Tony Curtis’ performance more and more. He was

Mayfair Theatre T-Shirts!

Here’s a sneak peek at our brand new Mayfair Theatre marquee style t-shirts! These highly requested items will be available very soon from our candy bar for $30 each. Get one before they’re gone!

Mayfair Theatre requests 30-year cinema monopoly

This is the release we sent to city council, and to all Ottawa media this morning. We wanted to share it with you, too. A MODEST PROPOSAL from the Mayfair Theatre Ottawa’s oldest surviving independent cinema follows example of Roger Greenberg and Ottawa Sports

Mayfair Theatre Podcast: Mini Ep 6: Giant Kaiju Lobster!

Listen to our brand new episode on your favourite podcast app (I like Podcast Addict), or via: Soundcloud iTunes Stitcher Josh checks in with a quick mini episode while he’s busy on the road, recording from the in-laws house in Halifax, instead of going

Mayfair Theatre Podcast: 243: Trying to Ride Your Coattails!

Listen to a brand new episode of the Mayfair Theatre Podcast right now via your favourite podcast app! Including: Soundcloud Apple Podcasts Stitcher This week, Eric and Josh chat about: weird Halloween candy, lovely Rocky Horror patrons / angry Rocky Horror patrons,

Mayfair Theatre Podcast 485: Too Much Drama.

Listen to a brand new episode on your favourite podcatcher, including: Soundcloud Spotify Amazon This week Eric and Josh discuss: Enter The Drag Dragon, VHS Star Wars, action figures, Lee Majors, Forbidden Planet, Euphoria, Godzilla Minus One, Johnny Mnemonic, Wild Wild West,

Mayfair Theatre Podcast 484: I Don’t Trust Hollywood.

Listen to a brand new episode on your favourite podcast app, including: Soundcloud Spotify Amazon This week, Eric and Josh discuss: John Wayne, the Bridges family, Leslie Nielsen, Liam Neeson, box office numbers, Bruce Willis, The Fall Guy, appointment television, Late Night

Mayfair Theatre Podcast 483: Drive-In Trash.

Listen to a brand new episode of our podcast on your faourite podcatcher, including: Soundcloud Spotify Amazon This week, Eric and Josh discuss: wedding anniversaries, pedal pub bikes, the return of the Big Shark standee, what’s behind our screen, Mayfair t-shirts, the

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