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Mayfair Theatre Podcast 483: Drive-In Trash.

Listen to a brand new episode of our podcast on your faourite podcatcher, including: Soundcloud Spotify Amazon This week, Eric and Josh discuss: wedding anniversaries, pedal pub bikes, the return of the Big Shark standee, what’s behind our screen, Mayfair t-shirts, the

Mayfair Theatre Podcast 482: Doing Laps And Screaming.

Listen to a brand new episode on your favourite podcatcher, including: Soundcloud Spotify Amazon This week, Eric and Josh discuss: bus schedules, Saturday Night Sinema, Casablanca, The Great Glebe Garage Sale, The Colonial Theatre’s Blobfest, The Great Escaper, The Trip, Stop Making Sense,

Mayfair Theatre T-Shirts!

Here’s a sneak peek at our brand new Mayfair Theatre marquee style t-shirts! These highly requested items will be available very soon from our candy bar for $30 each. Get one before they’re gone!

Mayfair Theatre Podcast 475: Apropos Of Nothing.

Listen to a brand new episode on your favourite podcatcher, including: Spotify Amazon Soundcloud This week, Eric and Josh discuss: April Fool’s Day, Friday The 13th: The Series, Freddy’s Nightmares, Fright Flicks trading cards, John Constantine, Shadows Of The Empire, variant comic

Staja Buttons!

Our Staja pals refilled the button machine! Don’t forget to bring a Toonie the next time you come to watch a movie. Collect and trade with your friends!

Posters for Sale!

A silver lining of being in lockdown is that we’ve been able to get a lot of cleaning up done around the cinema. A giant chore taken care of was alphabetizing and logging our poster archives. Now that that task is out of the way, we’ve unearthed hundreds of posters

Mayfair Theatre Podcast 321: Totally Off Topic.

Listen to our brand new episode, right now on your favourite podcast app, including: Soundcloud Stitcher Spotify Apple This week, Eric and Josh chat about: suburbs vs downtown, power outages, Marvel Unlimited, Batman ’89 vhs, The Wizard, online auctions,

Coming Soon — 35mm Trailers for Sale!

We’ve excavated a whole bunch of 35mm trailers from the archives! We’ll hang onto anything super amazing, since there will be more 35mm screenings in our future on occasion. Logically, some wouldn’t ever imagine wanting to bother having one of these in their home. Since, y’know, for the most

Mayfair Fundraiser Print!

Check out what one of our amazing patrons made up for Mayfair lockdown fundraising purposes! For only twenty bucks you can grab one of these awesome limited edition comic book prints by Pascale Arpin featuring the Mayfair. Available to purchase at Black Squirrel Books & Espresso Bar, The

Mayfair Theatre Podcast 155: Wheels In Motion

Listen to our brand new episode on your favourite podcast app (I like Podcast Addict), or via: Soundcloud , iTunes , or Stitcher ! This week, Lee and Josh chat about: a lack of sleep, comics, Star Wars vs Star Trek, high school geeks, video discs, weird

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